Stellar IT Solutions can provide statistics of your website as well as analyze them from marketing and technical perspectives.

Stats Analysis

Unlike simple statistics programs, we correlate your website hits back to your document root, giving you an idea not only of what pages are being looked at, but which ones are not and how visitors are having trouble with your website.

We will analyze the statistics of your website, looking for trends over time to determine how your website is serving your customers. We can also review your website’s statistics from a technical perspective, to determine any glitches that would prevent your website from performing correctly or conveying all the information to your audience that you expect. We also have marketing experts that can lend a hand in this area.

Stellar IT Solutions’ mandatory disclaimer about stats:

Comparing numbers does not always tell the whole story, and almost never tells why things are happening the way they are. It is easy for people to read too much into a number, coming to erroneous conclusions. There is no substitute for asking your website visitors well-crafted questions about their experience with your website.