Your company’s computing infrastructure is the foundation on which everything is built. Data, applications, communications, and file sharing: think of it as the central nervous system of your enterprise. A single component problem or outage can often be felt company-wide.


We will work closely with you to ensure that your network has a high degree of availability while at the same time is secure and manageable. Connectivity and transparency are the name of the game for any network, from your desktop and laptop computers, central servers, wireless units, and internet connection. When your network is properly maintained your company is able to be at the height of productivity.


In an age plagued by hackers, spammers, and others out to harm or steal your information, it is vital that your computer assets be protected. Unpredictable downtime due to these and other threats can be avoided by implementation of appropriate authentication, encryption, and filtering applications. We will work with you to ensure that you have a comprehensive plan to block unauthorized access to your network.

Functionality and Capacity Planning

Stellar IT Solutions considers your long-term business goals when planning for functionality and capacity.

We help inform you so that you can decide:

  • Which applications you need
  • How best to configure them to work with your company’s processes and your employees’ work-flow
  • What size systems to install

Adding new capacity as you grow becomes a simple task because the systems we design are always scalable. This partnership helps keep you up-to-date on emerging technologies, and allows you to leverage our knowledge and experience to your advantage. You no longer have to feel alone or intimidated by the vast number of products available today.

Data Management

Our technicians have vast experience with data migration, conversion, normalization and irregularity reporting and as a result, are able to manage everything from small, single-user databases to large OLTP systems.


Stellar IT Solutions offers training for individuals, such as new hires, or for groups, for instance when new systems are installed. Let our experienced instructors educate your staff in manageable, palatable time slices according to your schedule.


Another often ignored aspect of enterprise computing is documentation. We can study your existing systems, then provide documentation detailing issues such as work-flow, start-up and shut-down procedures, systems processes, and network diagrams.