Our mission is to provide you with superior customer service.

Stellar IT Solutions offers competitive hosting packages and superior customer service. We are in the service business first and foremost. After an extensive search and review of close to 20 hosting companies culled from a wide variety of sources, we are partnered with a premiere hosting provider and together we are driven to save you money, primarily by taking the burden of technology off your shoulders.

Benefits to you:

  • Enjoy the luxury of simply sending email to us stating what changes you want on your website instead of having to navigate complicated control panels
  • Avoid wasted time trying to figure out technical features on that complicated control panel, which you might never perform again

The offer of cheap web hosting exists everywhere. But if you spend large amounts of time navigating your provider’s control panel, on hold with their phone support, or sorting through tons of online "help" just to complete the simplest of tasks… is it worth it?

Stellar IT Solutions can relieve you of this situation by doing the maintenance for you. And it is as easy as sending an email to us.

Compare that with how you interact with your hosting company now.

Why choose Stellar IT Solutions?


Your website will be housed in a data center that is over 33,000 square feet and has state-of-the-art security, safety, and cooling systems. It features:

  • 26-ton Data-compatible Air AC units
  • More than 400 integrated smoke detectors
  • Dry pipe sprinkler system
  • Security badge entry/exit on all doors
  • Multiple TXU electrical grids
  • Multiple diesel backup generators
  • Monitoring software for the entire data center infrastructure

Network Infrastructure

With Stellar IT Solutions, your website will be accessible via a fully-meshed and redundant Certified Cisco Network that features multiple backbone providers including: AboveNet, Allegiance Telecom, AT&T, Global Crossing, Level 3, Sprint, UUNet, Verio, and others.


The fact is: To keep up with security and software updates every server in the world must be rebooted from time to time and system maintenance done. No server will be up 100% of the time or even 99.9% every single month. We always try our best to minimize downtime but the simple fact is that nothing in life is perfect. If a hosting company says it has 99.9% uptime, be skeptical. Each server will have its own uptime statistics which are different from every other server.

At Stellar IT Solutions we do our best to minimize downtime in the quickly changing technology landscape.

Our Exceptional Guarantee

Many hosting providers only offer prorated refunds: for example two hours of downtime prorated at a monthly hosting fee of $100 is a refund of $0.25. That’s right, twenty five cents! To us, that is no guarantee at all.

Here is our guarantee to you: If any of the services Stellar IT Solutions provides are unavailable due to outages for over two hours in any month, we will refund the fees for the entire month.

Pay as you go

We do not believe in forcing long-term relationships by contractual obligation.

With Stellar IT Solutions there are:

  • No setup fees
  • No yearly contracts
  • No other long-term agreements

We operate pay-as-you-go services so you never feel obligated to stick with us if you do not want to. End of story. We would, of course, like you to stick with us for many years to come.

We prefer to build a sense of trust and understanding that will lead to a mutually beneficial and prolonged arrangement for both of us.

See Website Hosting Options for a list of features we offer.

Domain name registration

Ask yourself: Why would a hosting company give me a "free" domain registration?

Answer: Because it wants to get you into a long-term agreement. And this also allows it to hold your domain "hostage" because if you do not register your domain yourself you do not really have control over it.

Stellar IT Solutions will register your domain name for you at a nominal fee; and we will never hold your domain hostage just because we registered it for you. When we register your domain for you we immediately give you all the access to control it, even if you wish us to maintain it in the long run. If you decide to discontinue hosting with us, you take your domain(s) with you, free and clear with no hassles.

Network speed

Test the speed of our servers compared to other hosting services.

  • Use your favorite utility (such as "ping" from the DOS command prompt)

The lower the ping time the better, and testing our server is a good indication of how your website would respond if we hosted your website.

We are confident in our numbers so go ahead and compare us to other hosting providers.