Desktops and Laptops

Your employees’ desktop and laptop computers are the workhorses of your business. We’ll help you avoid the common mistake of neglecting them until they break down. Below are a few of the services we provide.

Backup and Recovery

The most critical and often overlooked part of any backup and recovery procedure is the actual recovery. When you need to restore lost data, that is not the time to discover that you can’t. We can develop and implement for you, a detailed and robust strategy to accurately backup your most valuable asset: your data. See our Backup and Recovery page for more information.

Email, Spam and Virus Protection

Probably the most pervasive application of the new digital age is email. Nearly everyone uses it, some 24×7, and it is critical that email applications are free of spam and viruses.

We can help you here with:

  • Setup
  • Capacity planning
  • Installation
  • Remote access or web mail
  • Spam filters
  • Anti-virus protection
  • Virus removal

Software Management

Stellar IT Solutions handles all aspects of software management: evaluation, purchasing, installation, configuration, customization, and upgrades. Getting all types of software up and running quickly is one of our areas of expertise.

Hardware Preventive Maintenance

Keeping your desktop computers dirt- and dust-free serves the same purpose as changing the oil in your car: to prevent premature breakdown. Dust and dirt can block air vents, causing your computer to overheat which may lead to debilitating system crashes, especially in the power supply, CPU and hard disk. Any one of these failures can cause data loss and prolonged down-time. Our own experiences have shown that a computer can run twenty degrees cooler or more after the dust is removed.